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D a n c e  V i s i o n


The G.S. Lakie Dance Program strives to create a positive, engaging and inclusive atmosphere, welcoming students of all levels and abilities. The program offers differentiated instruction in order to develop the technique and growth of each individual dancer. 

The Lakie dance students will acquire a greater appreciation for the arts through their exposure to performances, fundamentals and history. Students will learn from their experiences dancing for a live audience and they will develop socially as they collaborate and create with others. 

We believe in extending the walls of the classroom in order to inspire students with guest dance artists and field trips to explore other dance cultures and communities. At Lakie we want to continually give students a new perspective and an authentic learning experience.  


This class will give students the confidence they need to take the stage and shine!  Come join us on an unforgettable journey as we explore the wonders and excitement of dance! 


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